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So [livejournal.com profile] greenet made an entry about WAP! that had some really cool quotes, and inspired me to go through a bunch of magazines and tapes to find a few more. I'm not totally sure but I think you can't find most of these anywhere else on the net.

If anybody wants to find out where any of these is from exactly, just leave a comment.

Cassie: “Rick invented humorous dancing. It’s kind of like synchronized dancing, but really not.”

"Are you kidding? Izzy’s, like, the straightest guy I’ve ever seen. It’s like he says, he’s man enough to be sparkly." -- The girl in the seat one row before us (seventh row!!) on the fifth show we saw. Which just, right, sweetheart.

“If Jana was an animal, what kind of animal would she be?”
(The group stares blankly)

“If Izzy was an animal, what kind of animal would he be?”
“All of them.”

(The guys joking about Cassie kissing Carson Daley on a bet while drunk.) “It was actually pretty embarassing. I think if I’d been the guy and he was the girl I would have ended up getting a lot more heat for that. But he was really a very good sport about the whole thing.”
Alex: “Happiest man I’ve ever seen.”

Izzy: “I like Carson. That’s just the kind of thing he does. It can be Cassie kissing him or someone throwing up on his shoes. If it’s on air, he’ll make a joke of it, if it’s off air, he’ll still make you feel better.”
Alex: “You threw up on Carson’s shoes?”
Izzy: “What makes you think that?”

Izzy: There’s this line I like. ‘You’re utterly, irrecoverably yourself.’ You have to face that a lot when you’re just starting out. It’s easy to fall into thinking that what people see when they look at you is what’s really there. It’s not really thinking you’re suddenly god’s gift to music or that you’re the most gorgeous thing since sliced bread, because I know myself pretty well, I think. But you’re suddenly something different. It’s more important if your jokes are funny, it’s less important if they’re not. We have a job, in the end, selling some kind of an illusion, whether we choose to or not. You find yourself sometimes buying into that soft focus glamor view. You’re suddenly not that dork in the sparkly shirt who sings to himself in the elevator.

You have to remind yourself that people don’t really know you. You could be an asshole and they’d have no idea, and frankly it wouldn’t really matter much, either. And on the other hand of that, even Mother Theresa doesn’t deserve nine fifteen year old girls fainting just because she took off her shirt. People aren’t there because of you so much as they are because of themselves, something they want or need or like. And you, you’re still who you are, a little different but still you. Irrecoverably. It’s a good word.

Q: Did you have anything to help you remember that?

Izzy: The guys. I think we ground each other a lot of the time. Plus I’d be looking around one day, and there Ricky would be, dancing in a club, and it’d be like, ‘Wait a minute. *He*’s still a dork. *You*’re obviously still a dork too, you dumbass.’

Q: You have a lot of romantic songs, like your new single, ‘Colder Now’. Thirteen years old Sarah Jennings from Virginia wants to know if you have any problems when the lyrics are gender specific? Is it embarrassing to sing a love song to someone from your own gender?

Rick: Well, I can’t say I ever in my life wanted to kiss a boy in a ship headed for the sun. I was a bit surprised that Cassie did, either.
Cassie: It was symbolic!
Rick: But no, it’s not embarrassing. Love songs can be the most fun part of our shows, sometimes because people don’t take them that seriously and you can play them up a bit, or because of how the audience gets into them. You’ll always be able to find a bit of yourself in a love song. And then there’s a song like ‘The Way Over’, where I could really care less who it’s directed to because I just like singing it so much. I think Illana Whinder is a genius.

I've only gone through about half my tapes so far and there are a few mags I can't find... so look in for more soon!
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