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5 AM. I reaaaaaally need to go to sleep. But I just went over my saved fic folder (yeah they're that good!) and these are all stories I've been promising myself I'd rec for ages now.

I can't find the links right now since Explorer is being a shit... just google it! Also, I only have time to quote a few of them. 5 AM like I said!

If you can't find one of these, though, let me know and I'll link you.

I have no idea where Genderswitch came from, but they definitely found a loving home in this fandom.

Lady of the Flowers by Judas -- Alex and Cassie are in love. All is right with the world. Then Cassie wakes up a guy. Different POVs.


"What did you do to her?" Alex says, and Izzy shudders. He's never heard that tone of voice from him before.

"Alex," Rick says, gently. "She's telling the truth."

Twisted Lines by sapitou -- The entire group switches genders. Alex and Izzy fight themselves when they realize they're falling in love with each other's girl forms, while Cassie crushes on girl Rick, who's been in love with her for years. Once again, Jana gets to be mostly comic relief. (Felines, you've been awfully quiet lately... our girl's going invisible!) Changing POVs.

Growing Up a Legend by Cassiopea -- No, despite the name it's not a past story. High school AU galore! The writer's pretty obviously on crack but parts of it made me spit diet coke on my screen, either funny or just sheer bizzare.

Izzy's captain of the football team. Rick, his best friend, is also on the team, pretty much in the capacity of Keeping Izzy in Line it seems ("Izzy, we’re not having shiny pants in our uniforms." You do have to wonder why he'd have more luck in an AU than he does in the real world but I suppose Izzy's still young and impressionable.) Rick is also falling in love with outsider Alex, who might feel the same way but wants nothing to do with the popular crowd. Jana is the star of the drama club, friends with Alex, and for once has a plot line, a really sad kind of mutant witch hunt. I'm not too sure about the law/politics this story has, but it takes place in the South and I guess things are worse there. Also, it's a high school AU. Cassie is head of the student council, best friends with Alex and in love with Jana.

I wouldn't know where to begin quoting this one.

Painting Clear by Izzygrrl -- Jana escaping loneliness in animal forms. Don't read this one if you don't feel like crying. Jana POV, sharp in a distant kind of way and sad.

The Party Song by Killimanjaro -- A hillarious filk that takes off the WAP song.

Swath of Terror by Iffley T -- Breakfast on the bus. Wackiness and warmth. Alex POV, absolutely adorable.

And of course (not that anybody needs me to rec this...) one of the most famous (and earliest) stories in the fandom is Help is Bright Green, also known as WMF (anybody have any idea what that stands for, by the way? It's almost as mysterious as WAP!) by Sascha, a great AU where the gang aren't in a band and they flee for their lives and freedom with a bunch of spandex-wearing mutant superheroes. Rick is the producer for Nsync, which is rather clever meta, IMO, and you know you love it all the way through. My only problems so far are that Cassie got left behind for a few parts and that while the superhero characters are great, they get a *lot* of the screen time for secondary characters. But these are small problems, within two parts you feel like you've known all the kids for a long time (I almost started rooting for Jana/Jubilee since there are no pop cameos here except for Rick's weird obsession with Nsync). It's hillarious and a lot of fun. This is the story that made Rick/Izzy my OTP.

And a last one -- Touch Me Fall by anna r. [ profile] greenet has already recced it a day ago, but I don't want to take the chance of any of you missing it out somehow. By far probably my favorite story in any fandom, even though or because I couldn't sleep at night after reading a certain part of it. I'm not giving anything away other than what [ profile] greenet already said: 'Alex/various. No one's said what Alex's ability is. It could be this. Terrifying.' You'll never see WAP the same way.

Okay! That's it. Bad Trauma Cookie of the month goes to Swallow by Koko Marr, an Alex/Jana first time story -- a scary idea by itself (yeah, I know a lot of you don't agree with me, guys, but Jana/Pink 4EVA! lol) made even scarier, and When You Go by Manny D and Emmmerald, where Rick is a drug addict and Izzy saves him. It's horrible, plus the writer is so fascinated with the cracked up life style you wonder why Rick ever wanted to get away. And no, I know, I read most-overused-cliche fics and then I wonder why there's no quality. I'm a masochist.

Guh... it's 6 AM. WAP, you've taken over my life!
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