Jun. 7th, 2003

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Okay, I’ve been reading this for three days now and I still have no idea what I think but I *have* to rec it.

(Mina, if you know about this, and if you did, how come you didn’t tell me anything? There’s going to be hell to pay.)

Y’all probably already figured out that I love AUs and to a smaller degree genderswitch stories… not that big on Mary Sues but they can definitely be funny as hell. This fic -- can I even call it a fic? Is a completely weird AU that, instead of bothering with Mary Sues, takes the band members and turns them into, well, us. But probably the writer too.

I don’t have a title or an author name for this; the writer/writers don’t actually make any reference to the world outside the fic, which isn’t a story but a huge number of AIM logs. I’m told that there are a few IRC logs (they’re dated over quite a few years) and even LJ identities, but I haven’t found those yet. They do have email addresses, though – I’m tempted to try and write and see what happens!

Basically, this is the premise: WAP aren’t famous. WAP aren’t even musicians. WAP really love their computers. WAP write fic and obsess over fandoms. WAP are, again, us. Which strangely sounds really straight forward when I write it like that, but reading through it, it’s kind of mind bending.

The writer/writers (I’m going to stick with one female writer, just to have a way to refer to her) changed some of the characters’ genders, made all of them be from places other than America, and made them write Buffy. A lot of Buffy. There are other fandoms, too, though, the funniest by far being Izzy’s character’s obsession with Nsync the last few ‘years’. (Rick’s character is also obsessed, but this one comes from the WMF, I assume, and so it was less bemusing.)

The thing is, like I said, all you have is logs. Some of it is funny as shit, some of it is kind of boring the way most conversations between people you don’t know are, and large quantities of it are WEIRD. The site says only the best ones are up so far, and I easily believe these are the best ones because half the time I have no idea what they’re talking about.

It sounds a lot like anybody talking to their friends, except that I don’t think me or my friends were ever that incoherent. I was actually wondering if this could be somebody really posting their own AIM logs with different names, but there really are a lot of them and search-and-pasting every second line seems like a *lot* of hassle just to do that. But I guess we’ll never know.

A friend of mine thinks these actually *are* WAP’s AIM logs, posted under different names. *g* I find it hard to believe because A. They live on one bus half the year, what do they need chatting for? B. I find it hard to believe they’d never mention their, you know, super star music career, even if they’re just playing around with fake identities, and C. Strangely, these ‘normal people’ non-public logs are in large part far less outrageous than a lot of things WAP! had said in very public settings. Which just goes to show you we’re rooting for the right band.

D. and most important, I find it verrrrrry hard to believe Izzy would write himself as a girl. *g!*

The characterizations aren’t anything like their interviews at all, or like any fics I’ve ever read, but of course that’s much more fluid on RPS. It’s still that much funnier if you imagine the gang saying the lines. In some of Izzy’s stuff that’s scarily funnier.

This fic gets points from me for a few things; originality, sheer randomness -- Cassie is the only one not genderswitched, and one of the fandoms the ‘girls’ [and guy!] are preoccupied with are the X-Men – the spandex-wearing mutant superheroes from Sascha’s Help is Bright Green, for those of you paying attention. I’m still trying to figure out if that Sascha is the same ‘Sascha’ from the logs (Help is one of the oldest WAP fics around, so if it is, she probably used her writing name for the character and not the other way around, IE it’s not the Sascha persona writing the fic – or it might be, my head hurts! LOL) or if the writers decided to name a character after her in tribute, which is sort of meta on meta all by itself. (Sascha is the Alex character, which is very fitting since he was the main POV character in Help.)

Also on randomness: Alex, Jana and Rick aren’t mutants – as far as I can tell, there are no mutants this AU – and since we all know those kind of stories (though thankfully you don’t find it much among WAP fans) at first I was all, ‘mutant bashing!’ But the whole mutant superheroes obsession makes it an interesting choice rather than a nasty one, I think.

It also gets points for complete and total shamelessness – Alex’s character was sent back to live in Norway (s/he never lived in the US) and Cassie’s character is written as being from Finland for no reason but to have a more geographically convenient tentative love story subplot. It’s not so much that you just know that, it’s that the writer knows you know. And she doesn’t care.

The fic, by way of leaving Cassie a girl, solves the endless Cassie and Alex are meant to be!/Alex is so gay! debate, though it actually makes Alex’s character bi, which made me laugh. Never go the obvious route seems to be the theme here. The AlexandIzzyaresouinlove! Diehards are left out in the cold, but you can’t have everything.

I can’t actually tell if this fic is good. I can’t tell if it’s bad. It’s mind boggling and that’ll have to do.

You can find it all


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