Jun. 20th, 2003

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This journal is basically on hiatus, since Mina has had something of a nervous breakdown and decided to leave the WAP fandom, either temporarily or permanently. I’m not going to go into details but I do have to say it might have been a good idea, since I was getting a little worried about her, especially as far as Izzy Wesson’s concerned. Nobody like a stalker, Mina. Feel better soon.

Before we go away, though, I found a few more bits of WAP, and then was asked to host a story. The writer apparently has a livejournal, but she's 'afraid of the meta', or something like it, though I personally just think it's shame because she herself admits it's unfinished. But hey, not nearly enough Cassie stories out there, so I said yes.

Life or Something Like It, by River. Cassie/Chloe, crossover with Smallville. )

And now the interview bits. Pretty Cassie-centric this time: blame the Chloe muse.

(As far as I know, Alex, Rick and Izzy met Cassie and Jana in the theater, based on sites like [this one]. I’m pretty sure I remember them saying it in two or three interviews, too. They, however, don’t seem so sure.)

Cassie: Me and Izzy first met in college.
Izzy: I don’t remember that. Are you sure that was you?
Cassie: Yeah. And then we had that fabulous one night stand…
Izzy: (grinning) We did not.
Cassie: No, yeah, on the, the roof of the chemistry lab, I think it was?
Izzy: You’re going to make people think I’m easy. (Alex opens his mouth) Don’t do it, Alexander. I’m telling you that for your own good.
Alex: I was actually going to say, Cass, I think you confused yourself with Izzy and Rick’s origin story.
Cassie: But I thought you guys knew each other since you were, like, fifteen.
Rick: *I* thought we did…
Cassie: So if I didn’t have a one night stand, and you didn’t have a one night stand –
Izzy: I never get to have any fun.

Cassie: Jana can make you forget how young she is. Which can be a problem, because then you go around expecting people to forget how young *you* are, and you’re not Jana.

Cassie: I still sing in the shower. My family still complains about it whenever I’m home. I love that.


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