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and lo and behold, more quotes comin' atcha.

Izzy: "...And there I am, running around the room trying to *strangle* Rick, right, and believe me, I don't usually get that excited but there's *cheese* all over my hair. And Alex is trying to shield Rick --"
Alex: "Which just means I'd die first, so obviously, I wasn't. He grabbed me and made me stand in the way."
Izzy: (on the roll) "And Cassie's laughing her ass off, and then Jana started singing."
Rick: "But I didn't dance. Whatever they tell you. I didn't. I was running for my life. And Alex's."
Cassie: "And that's how WAP was born."

Alex: "It's not that original these days for celebrities to go around wearing women's clothes, but I'll bet Izzy's the only guy in the last issue of Seventeen who used to go to the mall in micro-minis at sixteen."
Izzy: "It was a bet. I had to shave my legs."
Alex: "There was no bet, Izzy."
Izzy: "It was a bet with Jana."
Rick: "I'll bet you twenty bucks right now you won't perform after the break in a micro-mini."
Alex: "Who you didn't even know at sixteen. And he'll take ou up on that one, Rick."
Izzy: "Don't talk for me. Yeah, okay."
Cassie: "The question is, can he shave his legs in ten minutes."
Alex: "Oh... you'd be surprised."
Jana: (to interviewer) "You know, I hear a lot of questions about whether or not I can ever lead a normal life after doing this at such a young age. The answer is no."
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