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And today we have a big jumble of everything-on-earth that I've been meaning to post for days now.

Don't look for theme, don't look for reason. Sanity is for the weak.

1. There's been almost a negative number of Izzy/Cassie fics since that spurt a year back when they did that charity project together. So I was all happy about this rec (because, yes, me and the obscure ones,) when I got online one day and Mina poked me and sent me to read The Angel of Caffeine, by Sascha-Chan, which was lovely. So now I'm all hopped up on the Cassie/Izzy love, and you get two recs in one.

Bank Holiday, by MarlyMoon

I'm not sure if I should call this a rec, exactly. I read it obsessively for two days, but how much of an indication *that* is, I'm never really sure. It's a strange little tale, at any rate, featuring Izzy and Cassie as a Bonnie and Clyde-styled bank robbing couple (minus the gang, the violence and the death - this is a very soft-focus fic), Jana as a young bank clerk they kidnap, Rick as their sometimes-accomplice who has a thing for Izzy, and Alex as the FBI agent with his own agenda.

The second part turns into a full-on parody, with Jana changing from a sweet, slightly space character to a half-demented eight years old, Alex -- who was perfect in the first part, dry and ambigous and very mystery man -- turning, well, just boring, in favor of highlighting his Mary-Sue-like partner, and Rick all but traipsing around naked while Izzy and Cassie obliviously play house. It's funny, but I thought the characters had so much more potential.

2. Bad Trauma Cookie of the Month:

In the same really-not-quite-noir AU side of the force, The In Between Times by Clorimazole, wherein Jana is a private detective who, predictably enough, moonlights as a stripper in a downtown bar. The animal shapes somehow figure into both of her careers. I don't really want to talk about it.

The fic manages to dodge its one redeeming possibility by entirely missing out on the brilliancy that is making Izzy the pimp, because, apparently, strippers? Have pimps. But no, it gives the roll to Rick, who gets to be sleazy without any of the fun. Cassie gets her brief chance to glow as the bar owner and gives the one readable line in the whole thing. Of course, her next line is, 'Doris, don't shake them so hard until you're done paying for them,' which kind of diminishes the effect.

On the more run-of-the-mill badfic plain we have A Day Without Rain and The Darker Side of Blue, both by Izzzzzygirl, the never-ending tale of the love of Izzy and Rick. As the names indicate, Izzy gets to be a rabid fangirl in this one.

3. I have no idea if this quote is real. I suspect, well, no. It comes from one of those not-entirely-reliable sites,, but you know what? It amuses me anyway, and it's about time this fandom had some matchmaking mamas.

Rick: "My mom always tells me my kids are going to be blond and short. I tell her, 'mom, there's no possible way that's going to work.' But she says it works by osmosis. She tells me, 'Ricky, you're getting shorter and blonder every time I see you.' My dad doesn't want to put her into a home yet, though."

4. Also? I've plotted out my first fic ever, and, while I know for sure that I'll never finish it now, I am so so proud. This fandom *is* good for the soul.

I'm not entirely sure this entry makes any sense.

Date: 2003-08-15 10:10 pm (UTC)
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I have to say, you're a lot braver than I am. I mean, I read the summaries, and then, I go have a quiet lie down, listening to 'High Strung'.


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