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Another damned high school AU. We seem to be fond of them around these parts. One does wonder why.


"-- And they're *so* together, I don't know what she thinks she's talking about --"

"Wait, who?"

"Izzy Wesson and Rick *Oliver*, Shelly, they're only in like, half of your classes, and people say they were *totally* necking in English. Seriously, do you sleep through *everything*?"

"I try?"

"But I'm telling you, they can't be together. Wasn't Rick Oliver with that girl from Chemistry just last week?"

"Who, Lopez?"

"No, like, Cassie something. Maybe she's in Physics."

"Oh, *please*. Like that matters. Rick Oliver's *such* a slut."

"Wait, which one's Rick Oliver?"

"The short one with the shoulders."

"Oh. So which one's Izzy Wesson?"

"The tall one with the eyes."


"Wait, which one's the one with the butt?"

"No, that's Alex Olsen."

"Who's Alex Olsen?"

"The green guy who's always hanging out with them? He's, like --"

"Yeah, thanks, Kit, I think I'd know it I was talking about the fucking *green* guy."

"Then I don't know. You have horrible taste anyway."

"Somebody wake up Jana, the bell's going in, like, twenty seconds."
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And today we have a big jumble of everything-on-earth that I've been meaning to post for days now.

Don't look for theme, don't look for reason. Sanity is for the weak.

1. There's been almost a negative number of Izzy/Cassie fics since that spurt a year back when they did that charity project together. So I was all happy about this rec (because, yes, me and the obscure ones,) when I got online one day and Mina poked me and sent me to read The Angel of Caffeine, by Sascha-Chan, which was lovely. So now I'm all hopped up on the Cassie/Izzy love, and you get two recs in one.

Bank Holiday, by MarlyMoon

I'm not sure if I should call this a rec, exactly. I read it obsessively for two days, but how much of an indication *that* is, I'm never really sure. It's a strange little tale, at any rate, featuring Izzy and Cassie as a Bonnie and Clyde-styled bank robbing couple (minus the gang, the violence and the death - this is a very soft-focus fic), Jana as a young bank clerk they kidnap, Rick as their sometimes-accomplice who has a thing for Izzy, and Alex as the FBI agent with his own agenda.

The second part turns into a full-on parody, with Jana changing from a sweet, slightly space character to a half-demented eight years old, Alex -- who was perfect in the first part, dry and ambigous and very mystery man -- turning, well, just boring, in favor of highlighting his Mary-Sue-like partner, and Rick all but traipsing around naked while Izzy and Cassie obliviously play house. It's funny, but I thought the characters had so much more potential.

2. Bad Trauma Cookie of the Month:

In the same really-not-quite-noir AU side of the force, The In Between Times by Clorimazole, wherein Jana is a private detective who, predictably enough, moonlights as a stripper in a downtown bar. The animal shapes somehow figure into both of her careers. I don't really want to talk about it.

The fic manages to dodge its one redeeming possibility by entirely missing out on the brilliancy that is making Izzy the pimp, because, apparently, strippers? Have pimps. But no, it gives the roll to Rick, who gets to be sleazy without any of the fun. Cassie gets her brief chance to glow as the bar owner and gives the one readable line in the whole thing. Of course, her next line is, 'Doris, don't shake them so hard until you're done paying for them,' which kind of diminishes the effect.

On the more run-of-the-mill badfic plain we have A Day Without Rain and The Darker Side of Blue, both by Izzzzzygirl, the never-ending tale of the love of Izzy and Rick. As the names indicate, Izzy gets to be a rabid fangirl in this one.

3. I have no idea if this quote is real. I suspect, well, no. It comes from one of those not-entirely-reliable sites,, but you know what? It amuses me anyway, and it's about time this fandom had some matchmaking mamas.

Rick: "My mom always tells me my kids are going to be blond and short. I tell her, 'mom, there's no possible way that's going to work.' But she says it works by osmosis. She tells me, 'Ricky, you're getting shorter and blonder every time I see you.' My dad doesn't want to put her into a home yet, though."

4. Also? I've plotted out my first fic ever, and, while I know for sure that I'll never finish it now, I am so so proud. This fandom *is* good for the soul.

I'm not entirely sure this entry makes any sense.
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so the butterfly effect by martha is finally up again! whoo hoo!

alex/cassie, rick/izzy, yenta!jana. it's pretty cool, plus there's gratuitous mentions of Johnny Depp and chocolate ice cream. :D
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I've been wanting to rec this for quite a few days now.

Zen and the Art of, by Bonny Lou: a WAP AU/BtVS crossover. It's all about the layers, man. Although they don't really matter here.

It's not so much about the fic as it is about the... inevitability of it all. Like yes, of course, how did I manage not to see that?


He won't run ever, but he doesn't mind it when she does.

She cuts across the fields, through the woods, steers clear of the packs. Rabbits smell like dinner but she'd decided a long time ago she'd only eat things that stand still when you put a fork in them. Not so much the thin line between dead bodies as just her all-American squick factor.

Loops around and back and he's still there, sitting by the fire, looking out. Endless patience and it's never like he waits for her, just like he's there. Counting stars or the leaves on a tree, digging the secrets of the universe out of the fine dust of the ground and he smiles when she comes near enough for sight, never surprised, of course never surprised. The wolf form can smile back in a way humans can see, too.

It takes her by surprise, the *pleasure* of this form. She doesn't usually stay long in larger shapes, doesn't usually even go into shapes that aren't city-able in the first place. Jana's a city girl at heart, but the way the wolf shape loves the open fields is new and intense, and she likes it. Running is natural in so many forms but this one, this one was born to just what she's doing and -- it's not quite the same, city streets.

His scent is just slightly on the side of wrong, and she never asks why, imagines this is probably the way animals feel about her scent and he must feel the difference, too. He never asks, either. Something not-her, entirely and utterly not-her in a way she knows nothing about.

He won't run, but he knows more than she will for a long time. Not just the wolf. The music feels like just one more common ground and she dances, once, still in wolf form, the moon bone-white above and the wind ruffling her fur and the counted leaves. He smiles, quietly, and plays faster then slower, and singing is so easy like this, no thought given to fitting the melody. You just are she just is.

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and lo and behold, more quotes comin' atcha.

Izzy: "...And there I am, running around the room trying to *strangle* Rick, right, and believe me, I don't usually get that excited but there's *cheese* all over my hair. And Alex is trying to shield Rick --"
Alex: "Which just means I'd die first, so obviously, I wasn't. He grabbed me and made me stand in the way."
Izzy: (on the roll) "And Cassie's laughing her ass off, and then Jana started singing."
Rick: "But I didn't dance. Whatever they tell you. I didn't. I was running for my life. And Alex's."
Cassie: "And that's how WAP was born."

Alex: "It's not that original these days for celebrities to go around wearing women's clothes, but I'll bet Izzy's the only guy in the last issue of Seventeen who used to go to the mall in micro-minis at sixteen."
Izzy: "It was a bet. I had to shave my legs."
Alex: "There was no bet, Izzy."
Izzy: "It was a bet with Jana."
Rick: "I'll bet you twenty bucks right now you won't perform after the break in a micro-mini."
Alex: "Who you didn't even know at sixteen. And he'll take ou up on that one, Rick."
Izzy: "Don't talk for me. Yeah, okay."
Cassie: "The question is, can he shave his legs in ten minutes."
Alex: "Oh... you'd be surprised."
Jana: (to interviewer) "You know, I hear a lot of questions about whether or not I can ever lead a normal life after doing this at such a young age. The answer is no."
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This journal is basically on hiatus, since Mina has had something of a nervous breakdown and decided to leave the WAP fandom, either temporarily or permanently. I’m not going to go into details but I do have to say it might have been a good idea, since I was getting a little worried about her, especially as far as Izzy Wesson’s concerned. Nobody like a stalker, Mina. Feel better soon.

Before we go away, though, I found a few more bits of WAP, and then was asked to host a story. The writer apparently has a livejournal, but she's 'afraid of the meta', or something like it, though I personally just think it's shame because she herself admits it's unfinished. But hey, not nearly enough Cassie stories out there, so I said yes.

Life or Something Like It, by River. Cassie/Chloe, crossover with Smallville. )

And now the interview bits. Pretty Cassie-centric this time: blame the Chloe muse.

(As far as I know, Alex, Rick and Izzy met Cassie and Jana in the theater, based on sites like [this one]. I’m pretty sure I remember them saying it in two or three interviews, too. They, however, don’t seem so sure.)

Cassie: Me and Izzy first met in college.
Izzy: I don’t remember that. Are you sure that was you?
Cassie: Yeah. And then we had that fabulous one night stand…
Izzy: (grinning) We did not.
Cassie: No, yeah, on the, the roof of the chemistry lab, I think it was?
Izzy: You’re going to make people think I’m easy. (Alex opens his mouth) Don’t do it, Alexander. I’m telling you that for your own good.
Alex: I was actually going to say, Cass, I think you confused yourself with Izzy and Rick’s origin story.
Cassie: But I thought you guys knew each other since you were, like, fifteen.
Rick: *I* thought we did…
Cassie: So if I didn’t have a one night stand, and you didn’t have a one night stand –
Izzy: I never get to have any fun.

Cassie: Jana can make you forget how young she is. Which can be a problem, because then you go around expecting people to forget how young *you* are, and you’re not Jana.

Cassie: I still sing in the shower. My family still complains about it whenever I’m home. I love that.
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Okay, I’ve been reading this for three days now and I still have no idea what I think but I *have* to rec it.

(Mina, if you know about this, and if you did, how come you didn’t tell me anything? There’s going to be hell to pay.)

Y’all probably already figured out that I love AUs and to a smaller degree genderswitch stories… not that big on Mary Sues but they can definitely be funny as hell. This fic -- can I even call it a fic? Is a completely weird AU that, instead of bothering with Mary Sues, takes the band members and turns them into, well, us. But probably the writer too.

I don’t have a title or an author name for this; the writer/writers don’t actually make any reference to the world outside the fic, which isn’t a story but a huge number of AIM logs. I’m told that there are a few IRC logs (they’re dated over quite a few years) and even LJ identities, but I haven’t found those yet. They do have email addresses, though – I’m tempted to try and write and see what happens!

Basically, this is the premise: WAP aren’t famous. WAP aren’t even musicians. WAP really love their computers. WAP write fic and obsess over fandoms. WAP are, again, us. Which strangely sounds really straight forward when I write it like that, but reading through it, it’s kind of mind bending.

The writer/writers (I’m going to stick with one female writer, just to have a way to refer to her) changed some of the characters’ genders, made all of them be from places other than America, and made them write Buffy. A lot of Buffy. There are other fandoms, too, though, the funniest by far being Izzy’s character’s obsession with Nsync the last few ‘years’. (Rick’s character is also obsessed, but this one comes from the WMF, I assume, and so it was less bemusing.)

The thing is, like I said, all you have is logs. Some of it is funny as shit, some of it is kind of boring the way most conversations between people you don’t know are, and large quantities of it are WEIRD. The site says only the best ones are up so far, and I easily believe these are the best ones because half the time I have no idea what they’re talking about.

It sounds a lot like anybody talking to their friends, except that I don’t think me or my friends were ever that incoherent. I was actually wondering if this could be somebody really posting their own AIM logs with different names, but there really are a lot of them and search-and-pasting every second line seems like a *lot* of hassle just to do that. But I guess we’ll never know.

A friend of mine thinks these actually *are* WAP’s AIM logs, posted under different names. *g* I find it hard to believe because A. They live on one bus half the year, what do they need chatting for? B. I find it hard to believe they’d never mention their, you know, super star music career, even if they’re just playing around with fake identities, and C. Strangely, these ‘normal people’ non-public logs are in large part far less outrageous than a lot of things WAP! had said in very public settings. Which just goes to show you we’re rooting for the right band.

D. and most important, I find it verrrrrry hard to believe Izzy would write himself as a girl. *g!*

The characterizations aren’t anything like their interviews at all, or like any fics I’ve ever read, but of course that’s much more fluid on RPS. It’s still that much funnier if you imagine the gang saying the lines. In some of Izzy’s stuff that’s scarily funnier.

This fic gets points from me for a few things; originality, sheer randomness -- Cassie is the only one not genderswitched, and one of the fandoms the ‘girls’ [and guy!] are preoccupied with are the X-Men – the spandex-wearing mutant superheroes from Sascha’s Help is Bright Green, for those of you paying attention. I’m still trying to figure out if that Sascha is the same ‘Sascha’ from the logs (Help is one of the oldest WAP fics around, so if it is, she probably used her writing name for the character and not the other way around, IE it’s not the Sascha persona writing the fic – or it might be, my head hurts! LOL) or if the writers decided to name a character after her in tribute, which is sort of meta on meta all by itself. (Sascha is the Alex character, which is very fitting since he was the main POV character in Help.)

Also on randomness: Alex, Jana and Rick aren’t mutants – as far as I can tell, there are no mutants this AU – and since we all know those kind of stories (though thankfully you don’t find it much among WAP fans) at first I was all, ‘mutant bashing!’ But the whole mutant superheroes obsession makes it an interesting choice rather than a nasty one, I think.

It also gets points for complete and total shamelessness – Alex’s character was sent back to live in Norway (s/he never lived in the US) and Cassie’s character is written as being from Finland for no reason but to have a more geographically convenient tentative love story subplot. It’s not so much that you just know that, it’s that the writer knows you know. And she doesn’t care.

The fic, by way of leaving Cassie a girl, solves the endless Cassie and Alex are meant to be!/Alex is so gay! debate, though it actually makes Alex’s character bi, which made me laugh. Never go the obvious route seems to be the theme here. The AlexandIzzyaresouinlove! Diehards are left out in the cold, but you can’t have everything.

I can’t actually tell if this fic is good. I can’t tell if it’s bad. It’s mind boggling and that’ll have to do.

You can find it all


Jun. 6th, 2003 07:08 pm
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Is it true that Michael Stipe has a few lines in one of the songs on WAP's next album? I find it very hard to believe but mina swears he is. If it's true, is there any chance of him appearing at any of the shows?
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...Which is actually over, but since when have I been able to handle schedules... (Mina, you're supposed to remember these things. *grins*)

Superstar by Misa. Izzy on camera, Izzy off camera, and the places where the distance stops. Gentle and sad.

Does anybody know when Making the Video for Classic Training airs on MTV?

Also, [ profile] cosmic is writing WAP!! Poke her and make her do more. You know you want to.
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5 AM. I reaaaaaally need to go to sleep. But I just went over my saved fic folder (yeah they're that good!) and these are all stories I've been promising myself I'd rec for ages now.

I can't find the links right now since Explorer is being a shit... just google it! Also, I only have time to quote a few of them. 5 AM like I said!

If you can't find one of these, though, let me know and I'll link you.

I have no idea where Genderswitch came from, but they definitely found a loving home in this fandom.

Lady of the Flowers by Judas -- Alex and Cassie are in love. All is right with the world. Then Cassie wakes up a guy. Different POVs.


"What did you do to her?" Alex says, and Izzy shudders. He's never heard that tone of voice from him before.

"Alex," Rick says, gently. "She's telling the truth."

Twisted Lines by sapitou -- The entire group switches genders. Alex and Izzy fight themselves when they realize they're falling in love with each other's girl forms, while Cassie crushes on girl Rick, who's been in love with her for years. Once again, Jana gets to be mostly comic relief. (Felines, you've been awfully quiet lately... our girl's going invisible!) Changing POVs.

Growing Up a Legend by Cassiopea -- No, despite the name it's not a past story. High school AU galore! The writer's pretty obviously on crack but parts of it made me spit diet coke on my screen, either funny or just sheer bizzare.

Izzy's captain of the football team. Rick, his best friend, is also on the team, pretty much in the capacity of Keeping Izzy in Line it seems ("Izzy, we’re not having shiny pants in our uniforms." You do have to wonder why he'd have more luck in an AU than he does in the real world but I suppose Izzy's still young and impressionable.) Rick is also falling in love with outsider Alex, who might feel the same way but wants nothing to do with the popular crowd. Jana is the star of the drama club, friends with Alex, and for once has a plot line, a really sad kind of mutant witch hunt. I'm not too sure about the law/politics this story has, but it takes place in the South and I guess things are worse there. Also, it's a high school AU. Cassie is head of the student council, best friends with Alex and in love with Jana.

I wouldn't know where to begin quoting this one.

Painting Clear by Izzygrrl -- Jana escaping loneliness in animal forms. Don't read this one if you don't feel like crying. Jana POV, sharp in a distant kind of way and sad.

The Party Song by Killimanjaro -- A hillarious filk that takes off the WAP song.

Swath of Terror by Iffley T -- Breakfast on the bus. Wackiness and warmth. Alex POV, absolutely adorable.

And of course (not that anybody needs me to rec this...) one of the most famous (and earliest) stories in the fandom is Help is Bright Green, also known as WMF (anybody have any idea what that stands for, by the way? It's almost as mysterious as WAP!) by Sascha, a great AU where the gang aren't in a band and they flee for their lives and freedom with a bunch of spandex-wearing mutant superheroes. Rick is the producer for Nsync, which is rather clever meta, IMO, and you know you love it all the way through. My only problems so far are that Cassie got left behind for a few parts and that while the superhero characters are great, they get a *lot* of the screen time for secondary characters. But these are small problems, within two parts you feel like you've known all the kids for a long time (I almost started rooting for Jana/Jubilee since there are no pop cameos here except for Rick's weird obsession with Nsync). It's hillarious and a lot of fun. This is the story that made Rick/Izzy my OTP.

And a last one -- Touch Me Fall by anna r. [ profile] greenet has already recced it a day ago, but I don't want to take the chance of any of you missing it out somehow. By far probably my favorite story in any fandom, even though or because I couldn't sleep at night after reading a certain part of it. I'm not giving anything away other than what [ profile] greenet already said: 'Alex/various. No one's said what Alex's ability is. It could be this. Terrifying.' You'll never see WAP the same way.

Okay! That's it. Bad Trauma Cookie of the month goes to Swallow by Koko Marr, an Alex/Jana first time story -- a scary idea by itself (yeah, I know a lot of you don't agree with me, guys, but Jana/Pink 4EVA! lol) made even scarier, and When You Go by Manny D and Emmmerald, where Rick is a drug addict and Izzy saves him. It's horrible, plus the writer is so fascinated with the cracked up life style you wonder why Rick ever wanted to get away. And no, I know, I read most-overused-cliche fics and then I wonder why there's no quality. I'm a masochist.

Guh... it's 6 AM. WAP, you've taken over my life!


Jun. 5th, 2003 03:54 am
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So [ profile] greenet made an entry about WAP! that had some really cool quotes, and inspired me to go through a bunch of magazines and tapes to find a few more. I'm not totally sure but I think you can't find most of these anywhere else on the net.

If anybody wants to find out where any of these is from exactly, just leave a comment.

Cassie: “Rick invented humorous dancing. It’s kind of like synchronized dancing, but really not.”

"Are you kidding? Izzy’s, like, the straightest guy I’ve ever seen. It’s like he says, he’s man enough to be sparkly." -- The girl in the seat one row before us (seventh row!!) on the fifth show we saw. Which just, right, sweetheart.

“If Jana was an animal, what kind of animal would she be?”
(The group stares blankly)

“If Izzy was an animal, what kind of animal would he be?”
“All of them.”

(The guys joking about Cassie kissing Carson Daley on a bet while drunk.) “It was actually pretty embarassing. I think if I’d been the guy and he was the girl I would have ended up getting a lot more heat for that. But he was really a very good sport about the whole thing.”
Alex: “Happiest man I’ve ever seen.”

Izzy: “I like Carson. That’s just the kind of thing he does. It can be Cassie kissing him or someone throwing up on his shoes. If it’s on air, he’ll make a joke of it, if it’s off air, he’ll still make you feel better.”
Alex: “You threw up on Carson’s shoes?”
Izzy: “What makes you think that?”

Izzy: There’s this line I like. ‘You’re utterly, irrecoverably yourself.’ You have to face that a lot when you’re just starting out. It’s easy to fall into thinking that what people see when they look at you is what’s really there. It’s not really thinking you’re suddenly god’s gift to music or that you’re the most gorgeous thing since sliced bread, because I know myself pretty well, I think. But you’re suddenly something different. It’s more important if your jokes are funny, it’s less important if they’re not. We have a job, in the end, selling some kind of an illusion, whether we choose to or not. You find yourself sometimes buying into that soft focus glamor view. You’re suddenly not that dork in the sparkly shirt who sings to himself in the elevator.

You have to remind yourself that people don’t really know you. You could be an asshole and they’d have no idea, and frankly it wouldn’t really matter much, either. And on the other hand of that, even Mother Theresa doesn’t deserve nine fifteen year old girls fainting just because she took off her shirt. People aren’t there because of you so much as they are because of themselves, something they want or need or like. And you, you’re still who you are, a little different but still you. Irrecoverably. It’s a good word.

Q: Did you have anything to help you remember that?

Izzy: The guys. I think we ground each other a lot of the time. Plus I’d be looking around one day, and there Ricky would be, dancing in a club, and it’d be like, ‘Wait a minute. *He*’s still a dork. *You*’re obviously still a dork too, you dumbass.’

Q: You have a lot of romantic songs, like your new single, ‘Colder Now’. Thirteen years old Sarah Jennings from Virginia wants to know if you have any problems when the lyrics are gender specific? Is it embarrassing to sing a love song to someone from your own gender?

Rick: Well, I can’t say I ever in my life wanted to kiss a boy in a ship headed for the sun. I was a bit surprised that Cassie did, either.
Cassie: It was symbolic!
Rick: But no, it’s not embarrassing. Love songs can be the most fun part of our shows, sometimes because people don’t take them that seriously and you can play them up a bit, or because of how the audience gets into them. You’ll always be able to find a bit of yourself in a love song. And then there’s a song like ‘The Way Over’, where I could really care less who it’s directed to because I just like singing it so much. I think Illana Whinder is a genius.

I've only gone through about half my tapes so far and there are a few mags I can't find... so look in for more soon!
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from the June 1st interview!

The group members are, on most interviews, quite unflappable. They tend to give you the impression of not only feeding off each other, but also not being at all concerned about following the various outrageous (to this interviewer's eyes) directions other members decide to go in, as though they have talked it over beforehand (not very likely when it's Natalie Hurtley, 15, from New York, asking 'if you were stuck in a musical, what would you do?'. One also assumes that if they *had* somehow discussed it beforehand, the answer wouldn't include nakedness, or armadillos.) One question, though, and one that it's quite surprising no one had asked before, causes quite a stir.

Q: So what does WAP actually stand for?

Rick: Weird Ass Pop Group. (The band members groan. Alex leans over to hit him; Rick laughs, continues.) No, actually, it's White Also Pale. Which is admittedly kind of a weird name all by itself.
Izzy: What?
Rick: (not paying attention): It symbolizes our total lack of coolness factor. We chose it after Lin decided she didn't want to join us. She was our last hope. Obviously Pale Also Green would have fit better, but WAG! sounds so much less snappy.
Izzy: Ricky, what are you talking about?
Rick: (turning to look at him): WAP! (turning back to the interviewer) I can't actually remember what the exclamation point's doing there. It's probably the record company's fault. I felt very relieved when people started to leave it out.
Izzy: The exclamation point was your idea, and that's not even close to what WAP stands for.
Cassie: He's right, you dork. (Jana and Alex are nodding. Rick looks confused.)
Izzy: (to interviwer): Worthless And Profound. What I like to call our deep period, before we started writing any songs. (Cassie kicks him. The level of violence in this interview is frankly astounding.) Sorry, sweetheart. (Cassie rolls her eyes. Izzy, to interviewer) Yeah, we'd lie around my apartment all day and talk about how we were going to be pop yet alternative yet Sending Out Messages, though I don't think I was ever very clear on what those messages were. The only thing left from those days is Rick's weirdass drumming and unpaid pizza bills.

Q: Does Rick drum? The only people credited for it on your albums are Kay Whinder and, uh, St. John Allerdyce.

Cassie: It's a subliminal message thing. We try to keep it secret.
Alex: Also, he's pretty bad.
Jana: (changing back from the form she's been in through the interview so far, her signature kitten; Alex, who's been petting her in his lap, helps her into her own chair without so much as blinking.) Also, that's not any more true than Rick's story. Have you guys been taking something without telling me?
Izzy: (wide innocent eyes. This interviewer certainly believes whatever he has to say.) Jana! Would we do that?
Rick: What Izzy means to say is, Jana, would Rick do that?
Jana: Well, anyway. Whining about pictures.
(silence. Everybody waits. Jana nods and turns into a hamster, apparently intent on going to sleep on Izzy's shoulder.)

Q: I'm sorry?

Jana: (wakes up at a poke from Izzy, changes back, this time fortunately climbing off his shoulder first): What WAP stands for. Whining About Pictures. We spent three months changing names before the PR started. The producers wanted to kill us. Then we decided to stay mysteriously anonymous for the first few weeks until inspiration came. Inspiration didn't come. The make up girl in our third photo shoot decided on Whining About Pictures and the company gave her a promotion and changed it to WAP.
(silence. Jana waits. When nobody speaks, she changes back into a hamster.)
Cassie: I don't remember that.
Izzy: (dubious) I remember the whining.
Cassie: Jana used to be our sane member.
Jana: (changes back briefly, a rather mind boggling sight) I'm still the sane member.
Cassie (to interviewer): Wool Aliens Pack. We didn't actually have a weird story to go with it, it was just that all the bands around seemed to have these weird names that nobody could understand.

Q: Wool Aliens Pack?

Cassie: Yeah. Well, actually, it was when Izzy started getting the solos. He was a Wool Alien, don't ask me why, and so we were the Wool Aliens Pack.
(Izzy pinches Cassie on the arm.)
Cassie: Didn't your mom teach you not to hit girls, Isobel?
Rick: So on the bad side you just completely made up a story, but on the good side, you managed to show that Izzy really is king of the world.

Q: So it's almost a taboo subject right now, but--

Cassie, interrupting: But we already told you, those pictures are totally not real...
Rick: Which pictures?
Cassie: The ones from that tabloid that had the wine bottle and the--
Alex: No, no, they're definitely not real. I could do better photo manipulations with my laptop. I'll show you in the Green Room if
Izzy, turning politely back to interviewer: So what did you mean, really?

Q: I was going to ask about the mutant rallies in London, Washington DC, and elsewhere. You were doing a show in London the night of the rally, right?

Cassie: We were. They had extra security, but it didn't change our night any. We always have security. I hate to think what the fans had to go through.
Izzy, leaning back: I hate that stuff.

Q: Hate?

Rick: He means he hates how angry people get.
Alex: I just remembered what WAP! really stands for.
Rick: You freak, we have a hundred --
Alex: It's because George Michael's band was Wham. but we can't manage as powerful a sound as them. Wham! so we're just WAP!.
Cassie, shaking her head: You're psycho.
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(I transcribed this from WAP going on Jay Leno on Wednsday, REALLY A GOOD INTERVIEW but I have to go so I only transcribed this bit. More later I promise!)

(This is after Rick and Alex hung Cassie upside down for making a really funny joke.)

J: So, um, I have a question. All through this interview, and, really, on other interviews I’ve seen of you, you guys seem to be hitting each other constantly.
(Repressed sexual tension!!! Hehe, sorry.)
J: (to audience) We had kicking. We had pushing. (he counts on his fingers and the crowd cheers like they always do when he talks to them.) We had pinching, we had Cassie biting Alex’s nose…
Cassie: I was going for his ear.
J: (to audience) Do we believe her? (crowd laughs) We also had quite a few heads getting thumped…
Rick: (to audience) What are you cheering at? (to J) I’m really kind of scared now. They were totally right about American TV being all about the violence.
J: (laughs) So you’re saying you aren’t all about the violence.
Cassie: It’s actually occurred to me before that if people get tired of us singing at some point, we can double our ticket sales by having Izzy and Alex mud wrestle on stage.
Alex: (rolling his eyes) Or having Cassie and Jana do it, since guys mud wrestling as a sport has never caught on in the last two hundred years.
(Izzy looks like he wants to say something but doesn’t. I say for him, “depends who you talk to!!!”)
Cassie: Sweetheart, our fan base is 64% female. I’m betting more than a half of all our fans couldn’t care less what I wear as long as Izzy keeps taking his shirt off during Up With This.
Rick: (to audience) You have nothing to worry about. We’ve tried to stop him, it doesn’t work.
Jana: (in human form for once – really cute although I love the kitty one!!!) I’m too young to be a sex symbol. (she smirks.)
Alex: 58% of our fan base disagree on the last poll, Jan.
J: I thought you said 36% of your fan base is male.
Alex: No, guys like her too. (audience cheers)
J: (smirking) I’m sure they do. So, back to the hitting… Do you think you’re sending out a bad message? Has any of you ever ended up hurting each other?
Izzy: (leering) Never out of bed. (crowd goes crazy. I do too.)
Alex: Yeah. Izzy has really weird dreams.
Rick: (to J) He does. You’ll go to sleep and suddenly you’ll wake up at two AM and he’s in your bed, and you’ll go, ‘Iz, this is me. I’m not Britney.’ And he’ll be like, ‘I had a dream that Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass were fighting over me and they ruined the MTV awards.’ And you’ll be like, (mocking tone) ‘Oh. Are you scared?’ And he’ll be like, ‘Um. No.’
Cassie: That’s funny. That’s never happened to me. (Cassie has a REALLY WEIRD FACE here. I can’t tell if she’s trying not to laugh or smirking or what.)

(Eeeeeee! Okay I have to go now, hehe! Aren't they the COOLEST?!?)


Jun. 4th, 2003 05:11 am
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heh. Not that any of these friendly persons are virginal. <snort>


It was a hundred fucking degrees in the car.

"I'm going to melt," and Rick peeled himself off the seat carefully, one leg at a time, wiping sticky melting hands on his shorts, feeling sweat bead on his lip. "Correction: I am melting."

"No you're not," Alex answered automatically. He'd been happily hanging his feet out the window for the last eighty miles. "You're just unused to the heat."

From the back, there was a faint mewling noise. "All right," Alex said. "We're stopping."

"How the fuck," Izzy said as they got out of the car at a rest stop that looked like it hadn't been open since 1995, "can you handle the heat today? You're from fucking, the north."

Rick ended up putting his hand on the back of Izzy's neck, despite the thin layer of damp on both his palm and the nape of Iz's neck; it burned, flush and hot and not at all sexy. Heaven was opening the door of the convenience store and finally hitting some A/C.

"Tomorrow," Rick said to Alex, "we trade this in for an air-conditioned car."

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